If we are indeed kindred spirits, you’ve ventured here in search of ways to augment your current life. Success, respect, and affluence have come easily to you, and you’re at a point in your journey where uncomplicated, genuine connection is really the only thing missing. You’re looking for a woman who’s secure in herself, effectual, and bold. A woman who curated her life by molding it with a sharp wit, brilliant intelligence, and genuine passion.

I’m Whitney Vale, Miami and South Florida’s premiere C-Suite companion. If you’re seeking creativity, authentic enthusiasm, and a taste of the exquisite, you’ll find all of that and more in me!

My work-a-day hours render me a successful entrepreneur who’s far more concerned with diversifying her investment portfolio than diversifying her shoe collection. Balance, wellness, and health come a very close second in my priority list, and I’m more interested in finding time to center myself rather than be the center of attention. Unless, of course, the attention happens to be from someone with whom I’ve truly connected.

I’m an independent woman, yet a loyal companion.

While I’m a white collar professional in my day-to-day life, this particular sidestep allows me to unleash my creative energy to indulge my giving nature. I seek experiences that are fun, authentic, and add value to each other’s lives: connecting with like-minded souls, really. It’s a chance for us both to get swept away in adventures of the heart, even if it’s only for a day or two. My interests and life experiences run deep. I love to share my broad palette with you through the kind of connection that only comes with time set aside for creating something new! For more insight into my personality and our potential compatibility read my burgeoning personal musings.


Have I intrigued you?

Are you thinking, “I wonder if Whitney and I would have chemistry?” Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Are you a driven and successful professional/retired professional with the desire to branch outside of your comfort zone and explore something exciting, fresh and new?

  • Does a woman who’s as elegant as she is inventive incite both curiosity and admiration?

  • Do you enjoy romantic dates, wining, dining, and traveling to exotic locales with a sexy and confident woman?

  • Do you embrace the word “investment”, preferring to nurture relationships over time and with sincerity?

If you nodded your head “yes” through the above questions, I encourage you to connect with me when you’re ready to tempt fate. Come on, handsome, sweep me off my feet!

A rare enticement awaits…