Etiquette for when meeting a lady on a first date. Whether an escort or not, all women prefer to engage with gentleman. Cleanliness, manners and consideration are all crucial in the courting process.


You are a courteous gentleman, so I likely don’t have to reiterate the rules of common etiquette. It’s always good to be on the same page, so I’ve included etiquette expectations below.

Our Date:

If you’re looking for a string of acronyms to appear here, guaranteeing what you can and cannot “do” with me, I’d suggest you move along and find a companion better suited for your needs. Being with me is an authentic experience; when my unique personality and irreverent wit combine, you’ll understand why I’m not a “service provider.” For me, meeting you is nothing short of an individualized adventure that’s meant to be savored. I hope that you view meeting me in the same light. It should be understood that our time together is unscripted, authentic, and entirely personal. If you’re seeking genuine enthusiasm, passion, and sincerity, you’ll no doubt find it in me!

Due to my dedication to authenticity, I prefer dates that are a minimum of two hours and prioritize those encounters that include lunch, dinner, activities, or travel together.


Email communication is always my preference. If we’re going to be spending less than two days together, that’s truly all the communication that’s necessary. Special requests and preferences can always be tastefully included in your email correspondence. Should we be planning a multi-day excursion together, I’m happy to speak on the phone with you in order to organize our thoughts and efficiently map out our time together.

On the day of our date, I will provide a text only number so that we may communicate instantly (especially while I'm traveling). This number is not to be used for anything other than setting up our meetings. If we have an ongoing arrangement, we can communicate freely this way and via FaceTime.

Remember, my private time is exactly that: private. That time is reserved for my personal life, and for those with whom I may be in an arrangement. If we have an established arrangement, our time to talk on the phone or spend together in person is tailored according to your needs. Want a deeper glimpse before our date? If so, check out my burgeoning personal blog and bespoke travel itineraries!

Scheduling & Deposit:

Please give me as much notice as possible, 48-72hrs minimum. Understand, I have a personal life, other obligations, and a career. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to verify you and establish your integrity and commitment to our meeting. A 50% deposit is required for dates of 3hrs or more, FMTY & Sponsor A Tour.


Cash is necessary to pay the balance of my tangible consideration on our date. However, I prefer a more secure way of sending funds such as 1) a check (deposited within 2 business days before our meeting), 2) bank wire, 3) Zelle, or 4) cash deposit. Most of my patrons prefer to pay in full prior to meeting as this takes the hassle out of handling cash for both of us.

Please understand that I engage in normal and standard business practices and prefer that my income flows into my retirement savings and real estate portfolio, not into my closet. Gifts and Gift Cards from you are very much appreciated as I enjoy material things and much as any lady.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a natural redhead? Yes, I am an authentic redhead with the rarest genetic combination of natural red hair and gorgeous big blue eyes along with my porcelain skin. Since I am of northern European ancestry I am very fair, like a vision from a Baroque Period painting with fine European features.

Will you send me a clear face photo? For safety and privacy reasons, I do not share face or explicit photos. You will get to see my beautiful face when we meet in person! If you’d like to see erotica I’ve published, you may subscribe to My Only Fans Page.

Do you have a location for meeting? Occasionally, I may visit other cities and may be available to host dates in those cities. Please don't hesitate to request a date when you see these announcements as I have very limited availability when I travel. Generally, all first dates should begin in a public setting to ensure our mutual comfort and enjoyment. This is why I prefer a 2hr min. when making a new friend.

Do you meet couples or will you recommend another lady for a trio date? Yes, and Yes! Please enquire for details about preferred friends whom are available locally or in my regularly visited cities. Please note that with all doubles, the minimum is 2 hours. Additionally, when meeting with a couple, there is a $500 additional person consideration. Duos with my colleagues are not subject to this fee.

Do you meet with differently-abled friends? Yes, I'm an open-hearted and loving person who identifies with the soul or "beingness" of others, not the external form. Please email me to inform me about your specific situation or special circumstances. I am delighted to accommodate you!

Are you a smoker? Do you date smokers? No, as health is my #1 priority, I take great care of my mind and body. While I prefer not to date smokers, if you are a smoker and assure me you will not smoke on or before our date, I am happy to see you. Please be showered and your mouth and clothes clean before we meet.

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